We are a professional repossession company specializing is all types of voluntary and involuntary repossessions. This especially includes difficult and hard to locate recoveries - don't suffer at the hands of a hard job again - let us Dynamic Recovery Services do the job for you. 

Experienced & Professional

With more than 10 years experience, we are prepared to handle all your recovery needs - from collections to skip tracing, repossessions and beyond! We have extensive knowledge in recovering all types of collateral, whether it be office equipment, computers, heavy equipment, automobiles, trucks, tractors, trailers, boats and even airplanes!

Commitment to Customer Service

Our company was originally founded as Chicago Auto Recovery LLC, in Chicago, Illinois. In the past years we've changed names a few times - to Dynamic Creditors Service LL and finally to Dynamic Recovery Services LLC, or DRS LLC, but we've never compromised our commitment to superior customer service and quick and efficient repossessions. 

DRS is a proud member of

Time Finance Adjusters (TFA)



We're proud to offer a wide range of services to our customers. This includes voluntary and involuntary repossession services such as autos, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats, planes, office equipment and furniture, and heavy equipment (semis, trailers, construction and farm equipment, factory equipment, etc.). Bail-outs (pound, towing, and other), door knocks or field-visits, condition and/or pictures, delivery, and storage. As well, we offer transportation - delivery to auction, dealerships, banks or wherever the customer may choose. Furthermore, we do complete service skip-tracing including non-pubs, POE, utilities, social and name searches, and PO Box, phone and plate breaks. We also do stake-outs and investigations.


We want to offer our expert services to as many customers in the surrounding area as possible. Through quick, efficient and precise services, we proudly serve a wide area including the entire states of Michigan and Indiana as well as the western 3/4 of Ohio.

Should you need a quick recovery job done right - count on Dynamic Recovery Services today!


Do you have a car in need of repossession? How about an RV? Airplane?
We offer voluntary and involuntary repossessions, bail-outs, transportation, skip-tracing and much more. 

Should you need a quick recovery job done right - count on Dynamic Recovery Services today!
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